I’m 99% sure this is a meteorite.  It is heavy for its size, attracts magnets, and looks like other meteorites I’ve seen.  It is the third candidate for the primary (tallest) branch on the Wizard Styx 2.0.


4 Responses to Meteorite

  1. Chris Congdon says:

    I found a rock i believe to be a meteorite that looks 100% like this one in southern wisconsin. did you ever get this confirmed?

    • StyxMaker says:

      I talked to two different people who are knowledgeable about meteorites at the last SETICon, one thought it probably was and the other thought it probably wasn’t. The only way to find out for sure is to take to to a lab and have it tested.

  2. chris anderson says:

    do all meteorites have magnetism?

  3. Phillip Harrell says:

    Where was this found and have you ever heard of a tektite? Phil from Georgia

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