Dance Styx01

May 19, 2008

Three pictues of the Dance Styx. The third picture is also used as the banner for this blog. I carved this hiking staff as a raffle prize at the branch’s 2008 Spring Ball and Workshop. On the ribbon that spirals around the staff in I carved information about the ball (RSCDS Sacramento Branch ‘Spirits of the Dance’ Ball and Workshop). Between the spirals of ribbon I carved Pillings diagrams for eleven Scottish Country Dances. The date for the ball carved into the staff is March 29, 2008. The date of the Ball and Workshop was moved to March 8, 2008 after the staff was finished. After considering several different methods to ‘correct’ the date on the staff, I decided to leave the incorrect date after all, it was the correct date when I carved it, and trying to change it would only have messed up the staff.