Starting a new staff

July 17, 2011

Started a new staff this afternoon.


The wood was provided by my nephew-in-law Don, who is also the one who built my workbench and drying racks. I have no idea what caused this tree to grow in such an interesting way. Obviously there will be a lot of hand work involved with this one.

I’ll keep you posted.


Secound RSCDS Ball Staff

February 20, 2011

Following the rave reviews my DanceStyx (see photo in blog header) received at the RSCDS (Royal Scottish Dance Society) Sacramento Branch 2008 Spring Ball and Workshop I did the TravelerStyx for our 2009 Spring Ball and Workshop. Since this ball was held at the third different location in three years, it was called the “Traveler’s Ball”. The short staff is made from a ‘twisted’ oak ( a tree that has grown with a vine wrapped around it). I carved the ball information and ‘hobo’ symbols between the twists.