Twisty Styx- my first walking stick

May 20, 2008

This is my first walking stick. It’s the third ‘Styx’ I made, the second one was WizardStyx 1.0 which is a hiking staff that hasn’t been posted yet. The brass ball was scavenged from a walking stick I purchased on the pier in Monterey California.


If I’m going to call this blog ‘StyxMaker’…

May 18, 2008

…I guess I should talk a bit about my hobby (soon to be business) of making canes, walking sticks, and hiking staffs. 

First, a word about definitions, a ‘cane’ is curved at the top (or has some form of grip for the hand) and is intended to be the most utilitarian of the three basic types listed above.  It is the one intended to be usable when a person really needs help remaining stable while walking.  A ‘walking stick’ is the same length as a cane, but usually has an ornamental ball (or at least a generally ‘ball’ shaped ) ‘handle’ at the top.  Walking sticks are not intended for use if you seriously need help remaining stable while you are walking.  They are intended to look nice and make you feel good as you saunter down the avenue.  Hiking staffs are usually shoulder height or higher and are gripped with the arm bent at the elbow.  The length can often come in handy if you are hiking over rough trails. 

I have also been making some ‘short’ staffs.  These are long enough to grasp like a standard staff, but not so long that you need to tie them to the roof and put a red flag on the end when you are in a car.  I will post pictures of my canes, walking sticks, and hiking staffs on this blog.