Starting a new staff

July 17, 2011

Started a new staff this afternoon.


The wood was provided by my nephew-in-law Don, who is also the one who built my workbench and drying racks. I have no idea what caused this tree to grow in such an interesting way. Obviously there will be a lot of hand work involved with this one.

I’ll keep you posted.



May 25, 2008

This hunk of Silicon is also a candidate for the secondary branch position.


May 25, 2008

Both of these pieces of Pyrite are candidates for the secondary branch position (the short branch below and to the left of the primary branch).



May 25, 2008

I’m 99% sure this is a meteorite.  It is heavy for its size, attracts magnets, and looks like other meteorites I’ve seen.  It is the third candidate for the primary (tallest) branch on the Wizard Styx 2.0.

Amythest Crystal

May 25, 2008

This large Amythest crystal is also a candidate for the primary (tallest) branch of the Wizard Styx 2.0

Quartz Crystal balls

May 25, 2008

The second ball is actually about 1/3 larger than the first one.  It also has viewer flaws which explains the much less interesting picture.  They are both candidates for the primary (tallest) branch on the Wizard Styx 2.0.

Wizard Styx 2.0 (In Progress)

May 25, 2008

This Wizard Styx is being carved from a cutting from my Myrtle.  It is tall and massive and is intended to be a display piece as opposed to a ‘working’ hiking staff.  The plaited pattern in the third picture is of my own design.  The following posts will be pictures of the items I’m considering for mounting on the ends of the three branches.