I’m never going back to Strings

Strings’ spiral into total tastelessness
I used to really enjoy eating at the Strings Italian Cafe in Stockton Ca. Over the last few years it has closed and reopened a couple of times. It seems the food got worse with each cycle. We went in tonight for dinner. I should have known there was a problem when the restaurant was almost entirely empty at seven PM on a Saturday evening.

I’ll start at the beginning. I paid extra for the seafood bisque. What I got was a barely warm bowel of what taste like Campbell’s tomato soup with not a trace of seafood in it. To their credit it did have a couple of small croutons floating in it. Next came the spaghetti with meat sauce and sausage. I could find no trace of meat in the meat sauce. It seemed to be just unseasoned tomato sauce with pieces of tomato here and there. Balanced on top of this was a whole sausage that had obviously spent too much time in the microwave. Both ends were shriveled, dried up and hard. The middle would have been perfect, if it had any detectable taste.  
Bland and tasteless seemed to be the theme of the evening.


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